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March 14, 2021



      “I AM with you.  As Heaven is always near to you, as Heaven is within you, I AM with you.  Believe this, for it is true.  You have all the help, and guidance, you need, within you.  When you make the connection, from the material world, into the spiritual world, it is communication, sacred communication.  I AM here with you, today.  I was here with you, yesterday.  And I will be with you, every day, for it is all one.  What, no human being can even fathom, exists, as created by God, and you are held within the creation.  You are of God.


      “You have heard it said, or possibly, you have read it, that God is Love, and God is Spirit.  I said these words, when I walked upon the Earth, and they are recorded, so that you might know.  But most of you, cannot comprehend, what this means, totally. 

      “If there is an ocean, there is the ocean.  It is.  The ocean is filled with water.  It is the ocean.  It is wet, and moving, and fluid.  And to be in the ocean, you must get into the water, that is the ocean.  There is not a pocket, of water, that is more defined.  It is all water.  There is not a small space, where there is no water, where water is denied.  The ocean is water, just as the desert is sand.  You cannot be in the desert, and know the desert, until you are in the sand, in the desert, knowing the sand, of the desert.

      “God is Love.  There is no part, of God, that is not Love.  It is all, fluid, flowing, equal, one, Love.  You cannot know God, without knowing The Love of God, because God is Love.  The only way you can be denied The Love of God is for you to reject it, turn away, cut it off, refuse to embrace it.  Yet, it is still there, waiting.  And it will always be the same.

      “Think of jumping into the ocean.  Think of walking across a desert.  Think of being enfolded in The Love of God, because it is total, it is complete, it is sacred.  It is from whence you came.  You cannot pronounce The Name of God, without Love.  It is there for you.  It is all around you.  The only thing you must do to know God, better, is to acknowledge The Love, that is already with you, within you, enfolding you, and holding you, throughout eternity.  It is yours.  Embrace what is yours today.  Walk across the desert.  Jump into the ocean.  Move with The Love of God, all around you.  Open your eyes, and see the world, through the eyes of love, today.  Open your eyes, and see God’s beautiful creation, Earth, through the eyes of love, today, because, in this way, you will be seeing Earth, The Way God sees Earth, through The Eyes of Love.”