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March 15, 2020



      The gift of faith, which you hold within you, is not meant exclusively, and only, so that you might have faith in Me, and let it stop there, so that you might believe in Me, and let it stop there.  Faith is within you so that in believing in Me, in having faith in Me, you ultimately grow in faith for thee, for yourself; for, in placing all your trust in Me, you are having faith in yourself, for that which comes from Me to thee reinforces the faith within you.  It is time to take these things that you know, on a surface level, and go deeper, see where your faith will lead you.  Your faith will lead you closer to Me, and drawing closer to Me, your eyes will be opened, and eternity will be revealed to thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is possible for you to see through the eyes of God, and while this might sound foreign to you now, as you take your faith deeper and deeper, and begin to feel God moving within you, you will see the path, set before you, growing brighter, and more clearly defined, as your faith carries you where none other could carry you.  Faith, it is not blind faith.  It is eternally open, it is clear.  See it.  Go deeper with your faith, and see what the human eye cannot see, eternity is within thee.