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March 15, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you as the mountaintops hold the light of the new day.  I AM with you as the leaves on the trees hold, tenderly, each drop of rain.  I AM with you as the setting sun sets forth a highway of golden colors atop the ocean.  I AM with you, and I AM with you in a special way, when you believe I come to you, I stay with you each day.  It was stated prophetically, in the Bible, I did say the words.  If you loved me, if you keep these commands, these teachings, if you believe in Me enough to do this, I will be with you, I will live with you.  And so, I come to you, and say, you see, I keep My word.  My word is sacred.  I AM with you.


“It is possible to know The Will of God, to know the ways of God.  It is possible.  But, to do this completely, so fully that it transcends all the worries of the world, and lifts you up to a plateau of light, and peace, and love, requires that you believe.  It requires that you accept the love of God, that you embrace the mission that you have been sent to do, and that you rest yourself, and are renewed, in the light of God, flowing through you, so that you might do all that you are meant to do.  No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter your position, lofty or low, you have a mission, upon the Earth, and it is vital, it is vital to The Divine Plan.  But, you cannot complete your mission, until you know The Love of God within you, and believe.

      “Your spirit is eternal.  You come from God.  You can pick-up The Scripture, The Holy Book, and you can see where I left these words, this message.  God is Spirit, and you are spirit: Our Father, Our Creator.  This does not set Me to one side, and you to the other.  It is “our,” we are united, we are one.  Therefore, if your spirit comes from The Creator of All Things, held within this spirit is the knowledge, the wisdom, of all things.  God does not hold this from you; but, many times, while you are assuming the role of a human being, you forget The Power within you, and you turn from The Power within you, and you try to make your way in the world created by man with all your power and strength, forgetting that The Hand of God is right there, all the time, but you turn your back, and walk away.

      “This connection you have with Our Father, Our Creator, is strong, and it will be with you when everything else is stripped from you.  How often have you seen friends, family members, or acquaintances, have a fatal disease, watch all of their strength and health be taken from them.  And, in that, what appears to be, their darkest hour, they come back with a light and a power that you did not see within them before.  But, before they had not fallen to their knees, and called-out, ‘Help me, God.’  How often have you seen family members, friends, or acquaintances, lose everything they had, of a material substance, yet they rose from despair, and came back different, filled with a light that was not there when they wore rings and coats, and drove cars, and lived in a very large dwelling.  It took the loss of it all for them to stand tall, in The Light of God.  When everything is stripped from you, you know God.  At your moment of weakness, you know God.  God is within you, and this is why this happens.  Everything external, everything having to do with your human body, when it is gone, you go inward.  That is when you know God; but, it is not necessary to wait until you are near the experience a human dying process to know God.  It is not necessary to lose everything, of a financial nature, to know God.  God is within you.  I said this too, but who amongst you believes it?  I AM in you.  God is in you.  You are in God.  You are in Me.  I say these things, and they are recorded, but who amongst you believes it?

      “If you will take all that your spirit knows, and put it to work, in the world created by man, you will have an Earth experience, using Spirit wisdom.  It will alter your life upon Earth.  And, as you begin to move through the world created by man, your everyday life, using The Wisdom of God that is within you, you light The Way, so all can see how you are meant to live each day.  You also light The Way for others, in a most extraordinary way, that you might not have considered before.  As you take The Wisdom of God, and weave it into the fabric of your day, it becomes your daily experience, you remember it.  The things that are touched by The Wisdom, and The Grace, and The Glory of God each day, are no longer, what you say, ‘a God thing,’ or ‘a God experience.’  They become ‘your experience’ on Earth, because you are living with the Wisdom of God that is within you. 

      “Now, if you believe in this relatively new idea of ‘cellular memory,’ you will begin to see, in short time, in brief time, that you are now, taking into your cellular memory, the experience of Earth that is of Heaven, that is of God, that is The Wisdom of God, using that of Earth to create a new experience.  And, what you are beginning to know of cellular memory will lead you to understand that you can pass, all that you know about living on Earth, using The Wisdom of Heaven, to generations to come, because great-great-great-grandchildren will be carrying your cellular memory of God upon Earth, living within you.”