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March 15, 2021



      When you are immersed in My Love, it is easier to be patient, to be kind.  And when you permit, My Love, to grow, within you, so that My Love is your Love, so that as I AM Love, you too are Love, then it is easy to be patient and kind, because you are Love, and Love is patient and kind.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It was said, and written, that love is patient, and kind.  And it is true.  And as you seek The Love of God, The Love of God has already found you.  It is within you, and your seeking makes it complete, so that you are Love, as well.  Today, let your Love overflow.  Let The Cup of Love pour down, because it will not run dry.  It cannot.  Since you have established this connection with God, in this Sacred Communion, God’s Love is your Love.  And The Well of God’s Love will never run dry.  Therefore, your Love will never run dry, as well.  Remember, as you live in this sacred state, love yourself, be patient with yourself, be kind with yourself, as well as with others.