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March 16, 2021



      When it seems as if the entire world has been torn in half, when it seems as if countries, and states, and communities, have drifted apart, forming camps, when it seems as if there is no common ground, at all, rise-up, and stand tall.  Offer your one heart, to those whose hearts have been broken.  Offer your arms, in one embrace, to those, who bear anguish upon their face.  Offer My words to those, lost in doubt, and crippled trust, with little faith.  One can bring all together, if that one is all together, within.  Problems will not be resolved in individual camps.  Problems are resolved, when individuals are willing to come together, to trust, and believe, that in working together, the result will be good, and powerful, and strong, because the one resolution holds, and embodies, the goodness, the power, and the strength of all, rather than just a few.  Separate camps can sow seeds of adversity, but working together, toward a common goal, can bring forth a harvest of unity.  All it takes is one, willing to sow the seed of trust, and this can be done by each of you.  This can be done by you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you choose sides, when everything feels as if it has been torn asunder, when to be liked by one group, you must renounce another group, stand-up, and do not give-in to the pieces.  Offer the promise that each piece, working together, with other pieces, will form a beautiful quilt, which will keep many warm.  The individual pieces will not bring warmth to one body.  But when you begin to sew, those pieces of cloth together, with threads of love, and kindness, and trust, each individual piece finds their perfect place, within the one quilt, which, when spread-out, will offer warmth and comfort to many.


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