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March 17, 2019





God SpeaksYou will experience times, as you walk upon the Earth,
when you are drawn into retreat from the ways of the world,
when you feel you must be in solitude,  for a while ; and,  some-
times, this is a choice you make; and, sometimes, you are chosen
to be in solitude, or to retreat.  These times of stillness and quiet,
are meant to be times of preparation, so do not run from them,
do not try to shake the thought.  When you feel (hear) the
call, answer, and be still; and, in the stillness,
you will grow in wisdom,
and know My name,
and My power will be your power,
My love will be your love, and My ways will
become your ways.  And The Holy Spirit says: When you feel
the tap upon your shoulder, when you feel (hear) The Whisper
from within, harken to the message it brings to you; and, when
it is your time to be still, do not hesitate
to do so, because after
the stillness,  after the quiet,  you will resume your life upon the
Earth wiser, clearer, and more confident. You will know The Way!