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March 17, 2019

Sunday Sermons
March 17, 2019
You Will
Know The Way


          “I AM with you.  Come, let us walk awhile.  Look around you.  See where you are.  Do not hurry.  Pay attention.  If you pass a flowering tree or bush, which is fragrant, do not walk by, without acknowledging it, without experiencing it.  Pay attention to what you are doing.  Move over the Earth, with intention; for the day, or the night, will soon come, when it is time for you to return Home; and, at that point, one of the first recognitions will be how brief your time upon Earth was, in reality; a snap of the finger, a blink of the eye, and it was done.  If you will walk over the Earth, with intention, when it is time for you to return Home, your thought will be, as quickly as it passed, the Earth rewarded me, with wonders, great and small!             

“Today, it seems most appropriate to speak to you of the times when you are called to retreat from the ways of the world, when it seems right, to be in solitude for a while.  Sometimes, these periods of isolation are yours by choice.  Something within you rings a bell, and you know, it is time.  It is time to be still, so that you might grow.  Sometimes, to stop, to retreat, to be still, to be in solitary confinement, if you will, comes to you, not of your own choosing, but because it is your time.  These extended times ~ are preparation ~ for what lies ahead.

“My time, as I walked upon the Earth, came before I ventured-out to begin a mission that was Mine to do.  My time of solitude was spent in a desert.  It was not a weekend, or a week, it was an extended period of time, allowing blessings, allowing Me to be still long enough to hear, and remember, and recall, and to understand completely, and to be held in awe, of what was about to take place.

“When you have times in quiet, everything around you becomes brighter.  When the sun shines, you see it, in a way you did not see before the time of stillness.  You hear the song of the bird clearer, and your time upon the Earth seems to take-on a sacredness, that might have been missing before.

“My time of isolation was necessary.  I walked with The Creator of All Things, and listened and heard, received direction, and took-in every word, knowing that I would be called to walk out of the desert, and move amongst mankind, and deliver the message that was mine to deliver.  In order to do it properly required that I ‘know,’ what I was doing, required that I do the will of God, to complete The Divine Plan, without hesitation, moving from woman to man, blessing, loving, healing, touching, dancing with joy, feasting, living My life, but doing so, following the direction of God.

“I invite ~ each one of you ~ to set aside some time to make the journey into a solitary way, for a while and be still.  I encourage you, once this is done, the intention is set, not to take the things of the world into the temporary tent of quiet.  Reject the temptation to carry books, even music.  Reject the idea to take with you that which surrounds you in the everyday world.  I took nothing.  That which I wore upon My back accompanied Me into the desert; and, that which I wore upon My back, and carried in My heart, and soul, and spirit accompanied Me, out of the desert.  Prepare in such a way, and you will find your time ~ in solitary confinement ~ to be exactly what you need, to take the step, up, onto a new platform, into a new place, to breathe the air of Earth, and feel the breeze upon your face, yet ‘know,’ who you are, and what is yours to do!”