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March 17, 2020



      Seek the company of those who are at peace, of those who seem to rise above every situation, maintaining balance, undisturbed by the chaos and confusion; for, when you find such a person, learn, observe, watch carefully all they do, hear what they say, because it is an outward sign that they are living more in the spirit than they are in the material world.  You have heard it said, “Be in the world, but not of the world.”  This is a goal.  Be in your spirit, and experience Earth.  It can be a backward experience, if you end-up being a human being, having a heavenly experience.  You are spirit first, not body first.  Therefore, claim your true identity.  If you really wish to experience the authentic you, you must return to the spirit that is you, for the body holds the trappings of the world created by man, but the spirit comes from Me, My child.  And, the spirit is willing, and the flesh can be weak, without being fueled, and enlightened, and lifted-up by the eternal spirit that you are.  If you cannot find such a person, then be the person, be the one, who exhibits, who teaches by living, that you are spirit first.  Know the spirit that is you, because in knowing the spirit that is you, you know Me and My ways, for I AM Spirit.  Today, let your spirit show The Way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do you remember when you were in school, and there was to be an important test?  Now, some would study for this important test in a manner, which used to be termed “cramming.”  Basically, cramming all the information into your head, and trying to hold it until that moment that it was time to take the test, take the test, pass the test, take a deep breath and let it all go; for you see, the goal was not to know the material, but to pass the test.  And, once you passed the test, the material, the information that you had crammed so quickly into your brain began to flow away, not important, the goal achieved.  But there are those amongst you who remember it was important to learn the material.  They studied a different way, because they took into them all that the teacher, the professor, did say, and they read the books, and they studied the books, and it all came together, and made sense for them.  And, the test did not seem so much the goal, but it gave them an example to show what they knew, and how much they needed to know.  Now, those who crammed for that goal of the test, forgot what they learned, mostly.  But, those who felt the information was important, and to become a piece of them, a part of them, they retained this information decades later, because the test was not the goal, knowing the truth, knowing the information, was the goal.  I set this before you today, because many of you know God one of these ways.  The spirit that is you knows God, and the ways of God, and holds The Wisdom of God.  The temporary body you wear, the human being, knows God for a while, until there is a distraction, this way or that way, and you are submerged in the project, focused on the goal for the day.  When you live in your spirit you know God all The Way.