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March 17, 2021


      I wish for you to know Me, as I know thee.  It is possible to know of something, but not to know something.  It is possible for you to know of a book, a very famous book, a book that people, from all countries, have read and enjoyed.  This book is so good, they even make movies, of this book, and plays, about this book.  And you know of this book.  You know of quotes, from this book.  But until you sit, and hold the book, in your hands, in quiet, and go into the book, with every word, and comma, and character, and situation, you do not know the book.  You know of the book.  It is possible for someone, to live, in a land-locked country, and know of the ocean.  But until they travel, to the ocean, bounce, and jump, in the waves, of the ocean, they do not know the ocean, they know of the ocean.  I wish for you to know Me, to sit, quietly, with Me, to go into Me, to speak with Me, and hear what I say to thee.  I wish for you to know more than, knowing of Me.  I wish for you to know Me.  And the only way, this can be done, is for you to draw nearer to Me, to reconnect with Me, to communicate with Me, to have sacred communion with Me.  I wish for you to know Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is possible for you to know of a family member, a relative, a cousin, just your age, who lives many miles away.  You might even speak to that cousin, on a phone, or write to them, by mail.  But still, that is knowing of that cousin.  But when you meet that cousin, when you come together with that cousin, and you hold each other, and you smile, and you look into the eyes, of each other, and you play games together, you run together, you talk together, you share secrets together, you do not really know that cousin.  You know of that cousin.  But the closer you come, in communication, and communion, with that cousin, you come to know the heart of that cousin.  It is the same with you and God.  You can say prayers to God.  You can call for God’s help, in certain times of crisis.  You can even go, weekly, and sit, in a church, dedicated to God.  But until you draw nearer to God, walk with God, and talk with God, and listen to what God will say to you, you do not know God.  It is more like knowing of God.  Today, draw nearer to God.  Walk, and talk, and sing, and dance, with God, today.  Come to know God better, today.


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