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March 18, 2019



God SpeaksThe river of My love flows to you, without constraints,
without  dams,  unaltered,  in any way.  It is constant in
its flow to you; and, the waters of My love will fill you,
and fulfill you, and give you that which you need to
continue your journey upon the Earth.  So, carry
your cup to the river of My love, and dip it in,
and  bring  it  up  to your lips  and  drink.
Drink of it: when times are dire, and
situations are emergencies;
when times are sweet, and
there is celebration all around.
Do not forget the river of My love;
for,  it will sustain you.   And The Holy
Spirit says: Many times, when things are
going as you feel they should,  you laugh,
and dance, and play, but save going to God
for another day, a day that seems filled with
emergencies,  a  situation  beyond  repair,  you
believe.   I encourage you  not to wait, until the
times are difficult,  to seek  the love of God;  for,
it is there for you, all the time!  It will encourage
you, it will lift-you-up, it will fill you with light.
Therefore, drink from the river of love every
day,  morning,  noon,  and night,  drink
The  River  of  God’s  Love!