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March 18, 2020



      Whenever you have questions about health, or relationships, or finances, or careers, or education, or children, questions of any kind, you can receive the answers to your questions, at any time.  Resources are available to you.  Truth is available to you.  But, to use the resources available to you, and to hear the truth that comes to you, you must set aside your defenses, you must set aside denial and refusal to hear, and embrace that which comes to you.  And sometimes, that which comes to you, is in the form of words, or messages, others bring to you, and it can be difficult to muddle through and embrace those messages, when those bringing the message to you are not your favorite person that day.  It can be difficult to hear the truth from those you do not love.  But, they often carry the message of truth, and the message of truth falls on closed ears.  Messages of truth, and guidance of light, will always come to you, day or night – answers to your prayers.  And, the answers to your prayers might not come in words.  The answers to your prayers could be sent to you from Heaven: in a sense of knowing something is right; in a sense of feeling something is right.  Do not ignore all the signs around you; but, more important, do not ignore the signs within you.  I speak to you every day, hear Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You must be willing to engage, to give and receive, to do your part, and drop the curtains of denial, before you can use all the signs around you to their fullest extent.  There are signs.  If there were no signs, you would not be told to be vigilant and watch for the signs.  Yet, many signs are passed by.  Oh, they are seen, the message is clear, but the message is refused, rejected, denied.  Your life will be healthier, happier, and more complete, if you will accept the signs and the messages, and act upon them, rather than reacting to them.  Be open and embrace the signs.