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March 18, 2021



      It is you.  You are the one, who restricts your accomplishments, and limits, all you can do, by identifying, first, as a physical body, as a material being.  When you identify with yourself, as the physical or material being, you are limited to what you can accomplish, physically, materially.  I have not limited you, in such a way, but you have forgotten the words I did say to you, so you do not believe, completely, that you are spirit, first, you do not believe, you can do all things.  You forget, you are a spiritual being, experiencing the material, the physical, upon Earth.  When you can identify with yourself, as an unlimited being of spirit, experiencing Earth, for a while, you will accomplish what you could not accomplish, when you limited yourself to the material, to the physical.  Sit with Me, so that you can learn The Way, so that you can spend each day, upon the Earth, in a spiritual, sacred way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you choose to eat only tomatoes, refusing to go beyond the concept of a tomato, possibly tasting a potato, then you are restricting your taste buds, limiting the sensations, the textures, the experience which celebrates, that they are different.  You must be willing: to go beyond the obvious; to tap into the unseen; to taste, that which you have not tasted before; to drink from the cup of My Gifts; to savor the manna of Heaven, which is already set before you.  Do not limit yourself, nor restrict what you can do.  That, which you are meant to do, shall all be done, when you embrace who you are.  You are spirit, first, wearing a physical cloak, for a while, walking in the material world, for a while.  Do not give-up the Gift.  Do not abandon your true identity, while you are living upon the Earth.