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March 19, 2020



      Today, think of yourself as a lighthouse, a beacon.  And, those around you are beacons too, if they choose to be one; but, you hold My light.  Now, what you do with My light, what you do with My love, is yours to do, it is your choice.  You must choose.  Today, choose My light.  Walking in My light will bring you balance, will bring you peace, and you will feel My love with every step.  And, when the temptations come, you can send them away quickly.  The simple way to maintain your balance, and stay in My light, is to reject temptation, because no matter what comes to you, it cannot overpower you, unless you choose to give it your energy.  So, you will be tempted to argue, or fight, or even gossip.  And, while gossip might seem a lesser temptation than anger or hatred, it can destroy your balance and your light just as quickly.  Do not give your energy to that of darkness, because when the energy is drawn from you, when your focus is centered on anger, or frustration, or hatred, or talking about another person in a negative way, your energy is distracted with you, and it goes to the focus, and your light is diminished.  Keep your light burning brightly.  Stay connected with Me, and your day will be one of peace and joy.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are driving your car, your focus should be on the road ahead, and the drivers around you, where you are going, what is coming-up next, so that you are prepared.  If you permit your focus to be distracted, looking from this side to that side, staring at the countryside, or reading a sign that is erected along the road, your focus follows your attention, and soon you are a hazard to the other drivers, because you are not watching what you are doing, you are not focused on where you are driving your car.  And this makes it more likely that you are to have an accident, to have a wreck to run-off the road, or into other cars.  Watch where you are doing.  Do not be distracted.  Focus on the light of God, and this day will be bright, and clear, and one that you will remember for days, and months, maybe a year, as the day that you focused on the light of God, and it brought you great joy.