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March 19, 2021



      Like a good parent knows when their child is angry, sad, or confused, I know when you are so.  I know when you are so gripped by sadness, that it is difficult to breathe.  I know when you are so angry, that your heart pounds, and you feel as if you are going to explode.  I know when confusion is draped all over you, causing you to stumble and fall.  I know, so all you need do is sit, with Me, and be still.  Stay awhile, with Me.  Let your breath be the prayer.  Let My breath be the answer.  Let My ways dissolve confusion, clearing all chaos, showing The Way.  Come, sit with Me, and just breathe.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Spirit is transparent.  There are no secrets within Spirit.  All is revealed in the being.  If the sea, surrounding you, is angry, or desolate, or filled with turmoil and upheaval, drop your sails, and be still.  I know where you are, and what you are thinking and doing, so be still, be quiet, and trust.  Soon the sea will calm.  The waves of anger will cease to roll.  Desolation, turmoil, and upheaval will be no more.  The light of the sun will warm you.  The call of the birds, flying above you, will delight you.  And, when it is time, The Hand of God will raise your sails, and My Breath will be as The Wind, moving you to peace, once again.  Sail on, noble soul, for we will show you The Way.