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March 2, 2021



      You will find many opportunities, held within turbulent times, difficult times, if you will be mindful, and look around.  In times of trouble, there will be numerous opportunities to forgive, to be kind, to be compassionate, to listen to what others are saying.  In times of challenge, there will be multiple opportunities for you to be still, and quiet, and, amidst chaos and confusion, connect with Me.  During such times you will be given opportunities to share, to give, to be generous, to help those who have little.  There will be copious opportunities to thank someone for their patience, and understanding, with you.  No matter what situation you are experiencing, today, look around, and you will find opportunities to be kind, to do good things.  And, with your focus, on being kind, and doing good things, the focus goes, from darkness around you, to the light, being created, within you.  When it is done, and over, and times are easier, and the waters calm, you will look back, and realize all the good you did do, because you chose to focus on Me and My ways, rather than struggling, and stumbling, along the highways, of the world, created by man.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Look for the opportunity, and you will find it.  When you would rather drop your shoulders, hang your head, and cry-out in despair, practice being kind to another person, practice doing good.  Even when kindness, for you, is not there, create such energy, within you, and share.  Embrace the opportunities held within difficult times.  And, from that point on, you will remember, you will recall, all the good that was created, in those times, when your focus was on Me, when your focus held The Divine.