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March 20, 2019




God SpeaksWhen
you are tempted
to either speak, or think, ill
of another, reject that temptation out-
right; for, when you accept the temptation, and
choose the temptation, that action, that choice, will block
you from The Light.  Free yourself from shadow, and darkness;
think and speak only in The Light.  And The Holy Spirit
When you come to a place where you begin to under-
stand that ~ all you think is created, ~
and all
you speak brings your thoughts
more firmly onto the Earth,
solidly onto the Earth,
then you realise
the power of
the thought, the power of the word.  Re-
ject using the power for thoughts and words of sha-
dow and darkness: choose to use the power of (for the) light!
Create your thoughts, in The Light!   Speak your words, in The Light!