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March 20, 2020



      When you cannot believe that I AM with you, I AM still with you, for your not believing does not make it so.  When you cannot hear, I AM speaking, but just because you cannot hear does not make it so.  You feel My presence with you when you are still, when you are not harried, when you are not rushing here and there.  When you take yourself to a quiet place and you sit, you feel My presence, you know I AM with you.  You cannot hear Me when there is noise, when there are voices raised in fear, or anger, or even excitement.  But, when you take yourself to a quiet place, and you are still, and you are quiet, you do feel a stirring within, and when you join in the silence going deeper within, you hear The Whisper, The Still Small Voice speaking to you, from within.  My child it has always been The Way.  When you go about the tasks of your day, when you complete the jobs and the chores of your day, there is time to sit, to reflect, to pray.  There is no need for you to feel alone when you can be still, and quiet, and come Home.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Take some time every day to be still and quiet, for the world is filled with noise.  In the world you often find chaos and confusion.  But, when you sit quietly, preparing to hear from God, knowing you will be touched by God, you know you are not alone, comfort and peace wrap you in a blanket which is warm.  This day make your way to the chamber within to greet God, and then be still, so you might receive direction and guidance.  Oh, it might come in a small voice, but it can also come in a feeling, in a knowing, a sacred experience that is yours, yours together with The Creator of All Things.  When you rise-up from this meeting of sacred intent, you will be ready to face the world again.