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March 21, 2020



      Love, love is the most powerful energy ever created, and it will resolve all things.  I give you My love freely, it flows to you daily.  And, when you permit it to flow into you and through you, and then add the love you created to the mix, and then let it flow from you out to others, you see miracles in action, miracles unfolding in the light of love.  Everything, around you, becomes colored, intensified, raised to another level, because of this gift of love.  And, you feel different as well, when love is flowing through you.  Your thoughts are elevated, your words are sweet and tender, your actions are compassionate, filled with understanding.  Your physical body changes, as well.  You are healthier, and happier, you even look different, you glow; and, it is so all because of love.  Today, let love fill you.  Let love fill your heart.  I send it to you, permit it to flow into you.  It is a healing balm that will cure all things.  Let love flow into you and through you, and then offer it as a gift to others.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It might have been today, it could have been yesterday, or possibly even a week ago, when you felt filled with love, and you gathered your children, or your loved ones, and you told them, “I love you.”  And then, you watched their face change, and a smile appear, and eyes twinkle.  These gifts come from love.  The source of joy is pure love.  And, as love can lift you up to a new plateau, a different place, the temptation to anger or hatred can take you in the opposite direction.  For, if in the last day, or yesterday, or a week ago, you were tempted to be frustrated, or to be angry, about anything, you remember how you felt.  It was heavy.  It was hard.  It was difficult to get back to joy.  Love is the life source, flowing from The Creator, to lift all inhabits of Earth to a different place, to a space where you can see “in love.”  Practice loving today.  Let it fill you, let it fill your heart, and then let it touch others.  Love, the miracle sent from Heaven.