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March 21, 2021



      Make the time, to sit quietly, with Me, each day, so you will know Me, so you will know what I say.  When I call, because you sat with Me, you will recognize The Voice, that tone, the vibration, reverberating, within thee.  And you will rise, in answer, to The Call, and come to Me, because you know Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       During the course of the day, you hear many calls, many voices are raised, beckoning, some to come, calling out, to some, in greeting.  But you do not answer, the call, unless you recognize the voice.  And that is as it should be.  Be still.  Get to know My Voice, My Call, My movings, and stirrings, within thee, so that, when The Call goes out, you will recognize The Call, and you will rise, to the occasion, and follow, because you recognize The Voice.


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