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March 21, 2021



      “I AM with you.  Hear My call.  The more we are together, the more you hear My call.  For, as we become friends, and walk together, in the garden of Earth, the desire, to be together, longer, grows.  And, as you always want to be with a friend, and share with a friend, so it is with us.  I walk with you.  You walk with Me.  I talk with you.  You talk with Me.  We look, and see, for all eternity, that we are one, you and Me.                                                                 


      “It is important to know, and recognize, The Presence, The Voice of God.  Earth would have been a lonely, desolate, place, without My knowing, and hearing, The Voice of Our Father, throughout every day.  It is important to know the voice of those you love, so you might follow that voice, or respond to that voice, or delight in that voice.

      “When you were a child, you left your home, to go out, and play, in the park, or at a neighbor’s house.  But you went out to play, with your friends, your peers.  And there was laughter, and joy, through the day, as you played.  But, come the time, to return home, you would hear the call, the voice of your parent, calling your name.  And, even though, they might have had to call two, or three, times, you heard that call.  You recognized the voice, you heard your name, and you told your friends good-bye, and you went home.  You answered, the call, and went home.

      “You recognized the voice of your parent, so you did not go home, to the call, for another child.  If your name was John, and the voice was calling for Mary, to come home, you did not go home.  You did not recognize that name, as yours, and you did not recognize the voice, calling.  You recognized your parent, the one who loved you, and the one you loved.  You recognized the call, and you went home.

      “This simple story relates the importance of sitting with God, of sitting with Me, of being still, in The Presence of The Holy Spirit, so you know The Voice, you know The Call, you recognize the movement, and the stirring, within.  They are familiar to you.  There is a comfort there.  There is peace.  There is no confusion, about which voice to follow, because you know who is calling you.  You recognize the tone of the voice.  You recognize your name.  Sitting, in The Presence of God, each day, will seal this knowing, in a sacred way, so that when God calls, you rise-up, and answer, for you know Who is calling you.  Be still, so that you might know The Voice, The Presence, The Way.”


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