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March 22, 2019

God SpeaksWhat-
ever lies be-
fore  you  today,
and it does not matter
whether you are going-out
or  preparing:  to  begin  work;
going to play;  going to school;
stop, before you go anywhere,
and set an intention to bless
all you encounter: family,
friends, co-workers,
people you do
not even
bless everyone
and everything today!
Especially bless those who seem
to be a source of irritation to you, or others,
or to maybe even themselves.  Be the secret blessing today.
And The Holy Spirit says: Every day you encounter individuals.
Sometimes the encounter is pleasant.  Sometimes the encounter
is off-putting.  Bless the encounter, bless each individual; and,
those you find more challenging, bless them especially, do
not hesitate!  Remember, the most challenging, need
your blessing the most!  It is rare that an individ-
ual sets out, with purpose and intention,
to irritate another person, to make
another person uncomfortable,
to do another person harm.
In the everyday life, you
find most individuals, do-
ing their best to get through the day.
Now,  begin this day  by setting an intention
to deliver a blessing to all you encounter; it is needed!