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March 22, 2020



      Sometimes, during the day, when you are at play, or when you are at work, or even when you are idle, for just a while, you feel My presence in the song of a bird, or the way the breeze touches your face, or the sign of the clouds, moving in the sky.  These things, these things of Earth, are signs to you, and you know I AM with you.  But, when it is time for that sacred communion, that time, you set aside to come to Me, to join Me, to be in prayer, is sacred, and it needs quiet.  Take yourself to a quiet place and sit.  Close your eyes.  Detach from the world, and open.  Go inward and open, and you will begin to hear Me like you have never heard Me before, because there will be no distraction.  There will be you.  There will be Me.  There will be communion.  You will feel we are united, as one, and blessed.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, it can be difficult, in prayer, to stay focused.  Your intention is good.  You settle yourself down, and you begin to pray, and then your eyes open, and you spot something, and it reminds you that you have this to do, or that to do.  And, as soon you begin, you are distracted.  When you desire close communion with God, go to a place where there is no distraction, and that place, where there is no distraction, is within.  You carry that meeting room within you.  Close your eyes, and close your ears, to the ways of the world, and go within.  And there, in that sacred space, you will hear God.