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March 22, 2020



      “Today and all days, I AM with you.  Especially while you are walking upon the Earth, it is good to know I AM with you, because sometimes the things of Earth, situations and occurrences, and issues of Earth, can be distracting, sometimes bring you to your knees.  And, at those times I AM with you, too. 


       “Today I would like to give you a brief tutorial, if you will, on how to pray, in such a way, that you receive your answers, that you actually hear God: speaking to you, guiding you, directing you.  It is important for you to remember that, when I walked upon the Earth, I did pray.  I sought the guidance of Our Heavenly Father, every day.  I did as I was told to do.  I touched those I was told to touch.  I gave My love freely, and I laughed often.  I enjoyed the company of others, but frequently I withdrew, to take Myself away, to shut the door, to close-off the distractions: so that I could connect with Our Father, in a private way; so that I could ask, and receive; so that I could hear clearly that which I was to do.  And today, that is what I would like to talk to you about, hearing God clearly; (having) no questions, because you know you heard God, clearly.

      “There are many forms of communication between Earth and The Heavenly Dimension.  And, you use each one of these forms of communication, frequently: the thought of God; the feeling of gratitude for the gifts of God; the smile, reflecting that you feel The Presence of God with you; the tingles that move over your body, when you are touched by The Presence of God, and you say, ‘Thank you.’  There are moments when you talk to God, quickly, as if God was a friend, sitting in the car, next to you, and you happen to mention something you are thinking about, such as, ‘Aren’t those rolling hills beautiful?’.  It seems as if, when you say it, you are saying it to no one, but you know, you are speaking to God.  And, there are many other forms of communication, but the communication I wish to share with you today is that powerful communication when you sit quietly, and: you hear The Voice within you; you know the direction.  It is a sacred gift.  But, you cannot hear The Voice of God clearly when you are distracted.  You cannot hear The Voice of God clearly when there is music playing.  You cannot hear The Voice of God clearly when there is laughter, even joy around you.  The distraction keeps you from hearing, clearly.  Oh, you might know that God is speaking to you, but exactly is what God saying to you?  If what God is saying to you is important to you, if you say that what God is telling you is important enough to remember, you must create a space where you can go, hide your face from the world, and be still. 

      “When you are given the opportunity to go within, to be removed from the distractions of the day, to sit in quiet and pray, take advantage of that opportunity.  And, if you do not find the opportunity avails itself to you, create the opportunity yourself.  You know when you are harried, or worried, or confused.  You know when you feel overwhelmed.  In those times excuse yourself, from the world, and go to a place that is quiet.  Close your eyes, go within; and, make this journey within sacred and special.  Let it be a ritual, seeking The Voice of God in silence, for that is the only way you are going to hear, clearly.  That is the only way you are going to retain, completely, that which God wants to say to you, and there is much God wants to say to you.

      “You might recall, when you were in school, and times of testing were approaching, and you would try to study, as best you could, peering into a book, sometimes hands supporting your forehead, as you put all your effort into reading the words on the pages of the book, and trying to retain what you were reading.  Yet, it could be very difficult to do when your roommates were talking, and laughing, and chattering about this, or that, or the other.  It could even be difficult to do if you were alone, and you could hear the songs of the birds, or perhaps a thunderstorm, rolling your way, rain tapping on your window.  Often, when you found yourself unable to study for an important test, you would pack-up your books and go to the library.  Sometimes, you could reserve a room, almost cell-like.  You could go into this room, close the door on the world, and concentrate on the words you wanted to remember, on the teachings that were important to you.

      “This coming week I would like you to use that example to go to God.  Pack-up yourself and go to that library within.  Be sure to reserve a room that has no windows, and a door, and when you find that little cell, enter, close the door and sit.  In this way you will begin to hear The Voice of God.  At first, it will be The Whisper, and it will be so quiet, that you strain to hear.  But then, it becomes clear, and you relax in The Whisper, and you begin to hear.  Your heart quickens.  Your soul is filled with joy.  Your spirit is singing the song of silence, as The Whisper of God comes forth to teach you all you need to know.  This week, take some time to separate yourself from the ways of the world, so you can begin to hear The Whisper of God.  Let this become a practice, because until you are in quiet, until you are in the stillness, until you are comfortable in silence, you will not know the joy held in The Whisper of God.”