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March 22, 2021



      The sweet fragrance, of the honeysuckle, or the jasmine, or the gardenia, is carried on a breeze.  The fragrant flower does not have to leave its place to send you the signs, that it is, it exists.  Even before your turn the corner of the garden, and see it, and its beauty, you have already breathed-in its essence.  The Wind carries many things to you, My child, and you take them in, as easily as you breathe, in and out, sometimes not even knowing the gift you have inhaled, until you see the beauty growing.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The Garden of Earth holds many examples of the relationship between you and God.  All you have to do is, open your eyes, and see, the answer, to many mysteries, unfold, all around thee.  They are sent, and set in place, as signs.  Watch for the signs today, as they are many, and show The Way to answers, and show The Way to confidence in your relationship with God.