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March 23, 2020



      There will be times, My child, when darkness threatens, and fear circles about you.  Remember, fear is not positive.  Fear does not lift you up.  Fear cloaks you, and ensnares you, and holds you in such a way that you begin to sink deeper and deeper into darkness.  When you feel this darkness, this fear, beginning to draw near, call on your faith.  Breathe deeply and know I AM with you.  Breathe deeply and know My light shines upon you.  Breathe deeply and know that you cannot feel My light or see My light, because you are engulfed in darkness; but, I assure you, I AM with you, and together we will make it through, walking step by step, until the light holds you, until the light lifts you up, until you are floating above all threats of darkness and fear.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Fear is contagious.  It does not lift you up, therefore cast it from you the very minute you feel it hanging upon you; and, turn your thoughts to things of light.  If you must, be it day or night, make a list of all that is right.  Count your blessings, and repeat the count, until you are singing, until there is no doubt that you are so very blessed; and, all of these blessings lift you, and your faith begins to shine, and the light is within you, and that light is divine.  It is of God.  When you shake the darkness from you, you will begin to feel the light, which could not penetrate, for a while.  But remember, there is a piece of God within you.  So, when you begin to fear, go within and find that light, for that is where it doth reside, within you.  Faith dwells within you.  Heaven is within you.  Go within and begin the journey out of fear.