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March 23, 2021


      I wish for you to know The Way of Gratitude.  For those, who hold gratitude, upon their heart, are thankful, for what they have.  They are joyful, content.  This leads to a peaceful life.  A heart filled with gratitude, and thanksgiving, is a heart filled with love, contentment, and peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be content, with what you have.  For, the man on the hill, in a mansion, can feel lack, be needy, because he does not hold gratitude upon his heart, for that which he has.  While the man, in the valley, in the hut, can be filled with peace, because he is thankful, for what he has.  No matter what you have, be thankful.  Let your heart be filled with gratitude, because peace, and contentment, and joy, spring forth, from gratitude.  Today, look around.  Do not try to find, what is missing, in your lot.  Take note, of that which is with you, including those around you, who love you, and be grateful, for what you have, today.



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