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March 24, 2019

God SpeaksResist the temptation
to cry-out in lamentation and woe.
Resist the temptation to lash-out with anger
at everything you see and know.  Resist the temptation
to wander, as if you are lost.  Be still, and know, I AM God!
Be still,  and know, you are My child!  Be still, and know,
that within you, there is a sacred compass, which will
always point you in the right direction, if you will
be still, so that you might hear, and see, and
know, and feel.  Let the dust of turmoil
settle.   Let the confusion, melt a-
way, for here you find your-
self, standing at the
threshold of
and the wise
will  pause,  and  say,
“God,  show  me  The  Way  to  go!”
And The Holy Spirit says: You might think it is
easier to give-up, to sit-down, to say that you are lost,
so lost you cannot be found, because within these sayings,
within these perspectives, there is no responsibility, there is only
crying and gnashing of teeth.  When you rise-up, and you are willing
to listen, and you hear The Whisper from within, there comes with it,
responsibility, for you to prepare, and begin, that which you are meant
to do; and this knowing, holds a responsibility too!  It is time to accept
the responsibility, for what you do!   Take the hand of God, and move
through all shadow and darkness, into the new day, set before you.