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March 24, 2020



      If today, you find yourself locked away, behind closed doors, which you have sealed-shut with shame, or embarrassment, or guilt, be still, for I AM within you.  Be still, so that you might feel The Light getting stronger within you.  Release the cloak of sadness you are holding around you.  Release all fear, for I AM here with you.  With intention, begin to feel My Light grow within you, because it is there, and I long to fill you with Light, once again.  I long to lead you out of your despair into My arms.  I AM calling.  I wish for you to come, and as My light grows it melts the embarrassment, and the shame, and the guilt, and the sorrow, and you begin to breathe clearly, again, and the new day dawning is with you, again.  Do not look back for those things which held you in place, for they are gone, they have melted, because My Grace has poured upon you.  I love you.  I believe in you.  I ask you to look at the new day.  It is yours.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       No matter what has happened, do not fall victim to the trickery.  Do not believe that you must set yourself aside, locked in a prison of shame, or guilt, even embarrassment.  Stand-up, reach-out to take The Hand of God, and move forward.  Shake the chains which bind you.  Shake them strongly so they break and fall to the ground.  Step from them, and you are free, because The Grace of God is within thee, The Light of God will fuel thee.  Lift you head and see the new day with thee.