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March 24, 2021



      Do not hide your Gifts under a basket.  Do not hide your talents behind a curtain.  Do not hide your coins, your earthly wealth, your worldly treasures, in a vault, or in a closet, in a box.  Bring them all out.  Bring them forth.  Use The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, you have been given, and: love, with no limit; give, with no limit; forgive, with no limit; and let compassion and understanding, rule the day, in abundance.  Use The Gifts, you have been given.  Use the talents, you have been given.  Sing-out, when no one else is singing.  Paint, the picture, when no one else is drawing.  Write, the book, when no one else is reading.  Tell, a story, when no one else is listening.  Use, your Gifts, and use your talents.  And, if you have you have coins, if you have money, do not hide it away, use it.  Bring it out, and use it, for the glory of the day.  Use everything you have, as if you are investing, in the seeds, of tomorrow, because you are.  Invest your Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  Invest the talents, you have been given.  Invest all that is yours, and do so, with great joy.  Invest, in tomorrow, by using The Gifts of today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you use The Gifts, I have given you, others too will see The Gifts, and they will investigate their own Gifts.  And because you used your Gifts, they will no longer fear to use their Gifts, as well.  Use your talents, and others, who could dance, and sing, and write, and build, will begin to investigate their talents.  And, because you used your talents, in such a glorious way, they too will use their talents.  Bring forth the coins, the money of Earth.  Do not slam they away, behind a door, so no one will see.  Bring them out, and use them, for The Glory of God, so the world might be, an extension, of Heaven upon the Earth.  You are meant to do the work of Heaven on Earth.  You are meant to bring Heaven upon Earth.  You are the temple.  You are the synagogue.  You are the church.  And you are the reflection of The Glory of God, on Earth.  Imagine, if that was the position, the understanding, and the will, of every human being, upon the Earth.  Earth would shine, a glowing ball of glory, floating in the Heavens.