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March 26, 2020



      It is easy to forget, in times of great darkness and shadow, that you carry My Light within you.  When you find you are caught in this darkness, and others are there with you, and all about you seems to be in chaos and confusion, a panic sets-in, anxiety moves-in, darkness can cloak you, but it cannot stop The Light you carry within.  Yet, to bring it forth, it takes a knowing, a remembering, that you carry The Light within you.  When you find that you are afraid, or caught in chaos or confusion, or held in the darkness and shadow, with others all around you, remember The Light within.  As soon as one Light begins to flicker and shine, others will remember The Light within them that is Mine, that is divine; therefore, begin.  Do not give-in to the anxiety or fear.  Begin saying, within, “I carry The Light within me.  The Light of God is within me.”  Repeat this over, and over, and over; and, after a while, and with great intention and purpose, you will feel a Light begin to shine within you; and, as you begin to feel this Light shine within you, continue to pronounce that you carry The Light within you, continue to pronounce that you carry The Light of God within you, and your Light will come forth.  And, others will see your Light, and the sight of your Light will remind them that they too carry My Light.  And soon, there will be one thousand points of light all around you, and these points of light will diminish the darkness, and the song of peace will rise again, because of The Light you remembered within.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not find fault with yourself when you forget that The Light is within you.  Celebrate that you remember The Light is within you.  And, with great joy, embrace the faith that The Light of God is within you, and summon forth that Light, because your announcements, that you carry The Light, work as the bellows on a fire.  They fuel the flicker and bring it to a flame, and there you are, once again, walking upon the Earth, carrying The Light of God for all to see.  This is The Light of Eternity held within thee.  Celebrate it, bring it forth, and shine.