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March 26, 2021



      I wish for you to know the opportunity, which is held within the hours, of the day, set before you, the sacred day, set before you, so many hours, so many minutes, so much day, of opportunity.  Find one hour, or possibly two, and set it aside, to do something, you were always wanting to do, that you are wanting to do.  Begin that project, you have wanted to do.  Reach-out, and touch someone, you have been longing to touch.  Take the opportunity, set before you, and use it, today.  There is no better day, than today, to begin, or continue, that which you desire to do, because that, which is on your heart to do, is what you are meant to do.  The opportunity is with you.  It is now.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       For those who dream it, it is possible, for you would not have the dream, if it was not within you, to do it.  The desire, within your heart, to do something, is a sign that, that something is yours to do, that something is what you are meant to do.  And, when you begin, and then continue, until it is through, that, which you are meant to do, is being accomplished, through you.  Each one of you holds a dream, a vision, a desire, and the dreams, and the visions, and the desires, are the signs, that it is yours to do.  Do not let the opportunity pass you.  Take some time, today, and begin to do that, which you are meant to do, for it is by doing that, which you are meant to do, that you will come to know The Way, and walk in it.