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March 27, 2020



      Many of you know what you are to do.  And, if you are not absolutely sure of your mission, there are bits and pieces of it that you recognize as that which you are to do.  Once you know your mission, be mindful to watch for the signs, because there will be signs sent to you that say, “move forward,” “wait,” “stop,” “begin again,” “slow down,” “go quicker.”  As you hear these words you begin to understand the importance of reading the signs, because the sign of one day might not be the same sign for another day.  So, you need to be vigilant.  Free will choice is given to each one of you.  And sometimes, another’s free will choice, once made, alters, slightly, that which you are meant to do.  But, if you are watching for the signs, you will be led around the roadblock, or over the mountain.  You will know The Way.  If it is yours to do, there will be a way made for you to do it.  So, do not concern yourself with anything other than the signs.  Keep yourself willing and watch for the signs.  Be vigilant, and you will see them as they come, for each of you has a mission, and each of you has an important mission.  And, these missions will be completed, as the time comes.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once you know your mission upon Earth celebrate.  It takes a while to recognize the mission as yours; and oftentimes, you sit and wish someone else’s mission was yours, because it is something you would like to do.  But, when you are tempted to look on another’s mission, wishing it was yours, understand that the mission that is yours is perfectly suited for you.  In fact, it is just perfect for you; all your qualities, all your gifts, everything rolled into one that makes you who you are is rolled into that mission, as well.  Be vigilant, watch for the signs, and embrace your mission.  Let the sun rise, and let the sun set, let the moon track over the sky, let the stars shine in the darkest night, and let each one of you know, you are Mine, and I love you.