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March 28, 2020



      Strike from your thought that you do no know how to love, that you are unworthy of being loved, because you are created of My love; therefore, love is the initial ingredient, the first ingredient, the most powerful ingredient, that is you.  And, as you come from Me, carrying the initial, the first, ingredient of love within you, you are, most assuredly, worthy of being loved.  Love is the most powerful energy ever created, because it is pure, and the intention is sacred and holy.  Love is not greedy, love is not meanspirited, love is not jealous.  Love does not restrict or bind another.  Love is pure in its creation, as it is intended to be.  You are created of love and of Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Remember, if you love someone, you do not try to control and manipulate that person, you love them.  You love them as they are, and you love them so much that you point-out all the magnificent pieces and parts that roll together, creating them.  You do not point-out flaws.  You do not judge harshly.  You are not suspicious of that person.  For, if these things come into your thoughts, what you are calling love is not love at all.  Love is pure, and love is kind and accepting.  So today, give the gift of acceptance and understanding to those you love.  Point-out everything that is wonderful about them.  Ignore anything else, because where you focus, there is the light, and that which holds your focus grows, and it becomes a delight.  It grows.  Today, love, and love unconditionally.  Today, come to know love in a sacred and holy way.