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March 28, 2021



      “I AM with you.  What a blessing it is, that we are together, that there is no hindrance to our talking, and walking, together, but for, if you desire to turn away.  So, I reach-out to you, and invite you, to come, and walk, with Me, today.  Let us talk, for I have much to say to you, and you have much to say to Me.  It will be a delight for Me, to walk with you, today.                                                                   


      “It can be easy, to get caught-up, in praise, and adulation, coming from others.  It is delightful, exciting, to have someone focus, on what you have done, with praise, for what you have done.  But be mindful, that you do not place all your faith, and trust, in what others say, or do, or think, about you, and that which you do.  For, one day, there might be high praise, and in another day, there could be total rejection.  This will not happen, if you embrace who you are, at the core of your being, who you are.  If you welcome, the spirit, that is you, into everything you think, and say, and do, then, that which comes from you, will be exceptional, and wonderful, and delightful to God, because God does take great joy, seeing the children of Heaven, creating glorious things upon the Earth, bringing Heaven upon the Earth.  And there is so much to do.  So, do not be tempted to hold, or push-off, or deny, that which you are meant to do, just to please others, because in the end, those who praised you, one day, will walk away from you another, or could walk away from you another.  But God, shall be with you, forever.  God’s love will pour down, upon you, as a gentle spring rain.  God’s love will pour over you like the warmth of the sun.  God’s love will embrace you, for all you have done. 

      “Do not walk away, from that which is on your heart to do, because others might not approve of you, or that which you do.  Be still, and be, who you are meant to be.  If you do not, the entire world will miss the opportunity of you, of experiencing you, not the face you put on you, for others, but the genuine, authentic you.  And each of you, has something to do.  And that something, you are to do, fits, like a puzzle (piece) in The Grand Tapestry of all creation.  Be you.

      “Let The Hand of God, lead you to the place, where you are to be.  In that way, you will be walking, next to Me.  And with The Hand of God, and you, and Me, and The Holy Spirit, lifting us up, for all eternity, that is exactly what you are meant to be, living, in eternity, forever, with Me.”