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March 30, 2020



      When you come to believe, and know, that you are an eternal being, destined to live forever, then, and only then, are you able to bring Heaven onto the Earth, because then, and only then, you come to understand that your present piece of eternity is a piece of your eternal life.  And, then, and only then, you can make the determination that: every minute of your time upon Earth will hold a blessing, will hold love; every minute you exist upon the Earth you will create peace, you will be the bringer of compassion and understanding.  In other words, your earthly experience will be of Heaven, of My love and light.  You will not waste your time, building-up storehouses of temporary possessions, possessions which will last only one very limited lifetime.  You will resist that temptation, easily, because you will be determined to add to your eternal lifetime, the glorious experience of Earth, as seen through the eyes of a heavenly being.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can bring Heaven to everything you do.  No matter how menial you believe the chore, the task, assigned to you might be, you can embellish that chore, that task, by creating, within your thoughts, things of lightness, things of glory.  That task, that chore, will: live eternally; hold the sacredness that you put into it.  Create around the chore the energy of eternity.  You can bring all your memories Home, but you cannot bring Home a storehouse filled with coins and objects made in the world of man.  But, you can bring Home those things created within your thoughts that are of spirit, and last forever, such as the creation of love, and light, and peace.