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March 29, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you as the breeze, which you do not even notice, until you see the leaves, stirring, waving, moving.  And, I come to you, in such a way, so that when you are aware that the leaves are stirring, and you know The Wind is there, when you feel a stirring within you, you know I AM there with you.  This is not something that you just hear, ‘I AM with you.’  When you hear the words, they go into you, and you are moved.  Something within you stirs, as the leaves on the tree, and at that moment, you hear and know.                                                                                   


      “And so today, I talk to you about being there with you, because as the years, and the decades, and the generations pass, between the time I was walking upon the Earth, and the current day, it seems to slip further and further away, making it difficult to know I AM with you.  It is written, you can find it, and you can read it, daily; but, it seems to be harder and harder to believe, as the years go by.  But, just because it is harder to believe does not make it any less the truth.  I said it then, and I will say it now, ‘I AM there with you.’  The Kingdom of God is within you, and The Way The Kingdom of God is to roll upon the Earth is through you.  And, after so many people believe this is possible, and summon forth The Kingdom of God to flow through them onto the Earth, then the Earth and the Heavens will respond, and the time will have come, and the veil will part, and Heaven and Earth will be as One. 

      “When I walked upon the Earth, I said many things.  So many of My words were words of love and support for those around Me.  They were My friends and I loved them, and they loved Me.  They were My friends and I believed in them, and they believed in Me.  They were My friends and I knew their weaknesses; still, I believed in them, because I knew who they were.  I knew their mission.  I knew it was holy.  Therefore, I gave them guidance and direction.  This, guidance and direction, was often the source of lessons on how to follow The Way.  I left a map, a very clear map:  love one another; turn the other cheek; feed the hungry; clothe the naked; take care of the women and the children who are lost and afraid and weakened; take care of the elderly; take care of your parents; love those down the street, blocks away, and countries away, as much as you love those who say they love you.  All of things are possible to do, but they are possible only when you let the love of God flow through you onto the Earth.  This, My brothers and sisters, is the key.  When you insert that key, of loving one another, into the door, which has been locked and sealed, and you turn the key, with your intention to love one another, the door flies open, and the love of God flows through it, in a mighty way, and there is no closing that door, because the door you open will be one of the doorways through which Heaven and Earth become one.  The truth is, My brothers and sisters, that Heaven and Earth are one within you. 

      “It is time to step into your spiritual maturity.  It is time to stop blaming this one and that one for this thing or that thing.  It is time to realize that Heaven and Earth are one within you.  You are the connecter.  You, and only you, have the right to open that door and let it flow through you; for you see, no one can force you to do this.  It must be that you believe it, and when you believe it you hold the key; and, through this powerful gift of believing comes the settling-in of knowing; and, knowing is what prompts you to insert that key, into the door that was closed, and turn it.  Through believing and knowing you unlock the door, and everything begins growing together as one. 

      “The door is there.  The key is with you.  Believe, know, and unlock the door, for I AM with you, too.  You are of Earth.  You are of Heaven.  You hold the key to unite the two within you, and as they are united within you, they sprout, roots begin to grow, and the fruits of the gifts of God are seen upon the tree that is you.  Today, believe, know, and act upon it.”