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March 29, 2021



      Rise-up, rise-up, I AM calling you, today.  I AM calling you to awaken and see.  Awaken to all the good that is in thee, and bless it, many times over, so that others, too, can see, the glory, and the good, in you.  Cast from you, the spirits of greed, envy, sloth, anger, hatred, and doubt.  The time has come for these creations, of darkness and shadow, to dwell no more within you.  Awaken, and sit with Me, so you might see, and know, of the good, of the glory, I see, for I will tell thee, as you sit with Me.  Listen.  Many are hearing My call, to awaken, and rise-up, and do what is theirs to do.  Do not let this opportunity pass from you.  Rise-up, awaken, the new day is with you, and it is glorious.  It is a glorious day in which to do glorious things.  And all the good, and glorious, words that you speak, and deeds that you do, will announce, on their own, the goodness in you.  Do not tarry in the doorway, when the invitation has come, to join the dance.  Rise-up, awaken, and celebrate, for today is your chance, to begin, anew.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be still, and you will feel the stirring within, because it is time.  I AM moving, within you, prompting you to rise-up, awaken, and follow.  It is time to do, all the things you have been longing to do, without faltering, in any way.  Do not fritter the day away, planning what you will do, can do, or might do.  The time for planning and gathering is through.  If you feel My stirring, and hear My Whisper, you are ready, you are prepared, and I AM calling to you.  There is glorious work to do, and the doing of glorious work, is cause for celebration and song.  Do not tarry in the doorway of hesitation, when the invitation has come to join the song, to join the feasting, at the banquet table, which has been set, by The Hand of God, for you.  Celebrate the glory of goodness, today!