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March 3, 2020



      Honor all individuals you encounter today, permitting My love to flow through you to them, permitting My love, flowing through you, to say, “I love you.”  “I respect you.”  For, when you hear the command, “love one another,” it means love one another.  There are no exceptions.  There are no boundaries.  Simply put, “love one another.”  And, this is only possible to do when you set aside ego, give up the trappings of judgment, and set your intention to be loving, to permit My love to flow through you, out to all you encounter, without denying those you meet My love, by bottling it-up and backing away.  If you walk The Way, they will all know you, because you love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It will not take very long, as you look around you, to find that most are not loving today.  It seems to be the season of the “me,” the “I want,” “I need,” “give to me.”  If you desire a sacred environment, a place to be nurtured and to grow, seek those whose intention it is to give to others, to give of themselves, to provide a clean environment.  In other words, find those who are “in service,” and wish to do, to give, and to share.


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