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March 3, 2021


      Do not make light of another person’s trials and tribulations.  Do not laugh, or make jokes, or mock, their situation.  Do not relate stories of how others have “powered through,” making it sound easy to do.  Neither belittle the challenging times, of others, nor commiserate in the trying times, of others.  Commiseration is often fuel on the fire of fear, or humiliation, or despair, thus creating the vanquished, rather than the victorious.   Let your words of support be found in encouragement, strength, faith, and confidence.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are some situations, you do not have to experience, that make the soles of your feet tingle, and your stomach flutter, such as a rickety, swinging, rope bridge, stretched over a rocky chasm.  Crossing, perilous, threatening, or humiliating times, can feel the same, as crossing over that swinging, rope bridge, when the whole world is shaking under your feet, threatening to dissolve, any minute.  Do not laugh, belittle, or mock, another in such a situation, but refrain from commiseration, as well.  Let your words be of strength, and courage, inspiring focus, on the goal.  Let your presence boost confidence, through the challenge.  Then, victory shall be the song of celebration for the challenge, met, and overcome.  When one meets a challenge, all meet a challenge.  When one overcomes, all overcome.  Working together, it can be done, every challenge met, every challenge overcome.