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March 31, 2019

God SpeaksBe
Watch.  Wait.
Look for ‘the signs;’
for, they surely will come
to you; and those who are pre-
pared, will know exactly what to do
when the time comes:  for, as you are pre-
you will rise-up,  when the challenge  is
there,  when the opportunity  is there;  and,  because
you have practiced, and prepared,  you will be able to cast
from you  those things that would invade you,  keep you down,
fill you with doubt; and, these things of which I speak, are the things
which you are meant to defeat, and move through the Earth, and all space
and time, victorious, in what was thine to conquer.  It does not matter whether
it is fear, or judgment, or sadness.  It does not matter whether you are fighting
to keep from speaking-ill of others, or being angry.  Child, the battle is with-
in!  Be prepared, pay attention.  Before you reach-out to help others,
calm the storm within, so that you can walk in peace.
And the Holy Spirit says: You know that
which can distract you
from listening to
the ways
of God.
You know
that Achilles Heal,
where it is, and how you can
trip, and fall.  That is what you must master, first of
all.   There is no need to look around to see what you need
to do.  First, take care of that which is within you; and, once you
are prepared, the door will open, and there it will be, your destiny.