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March 31, 2021



      Believing, that something, some task, can be done, is the fuel, which makes it possible.  Fueling the project with your belief fills the project with hope, and trust, and it is done.  Knowing the project can be done will fuel the project, will keep it going, until it is complete, because of your knowing.  When you believe, when you know, then it is up to you to make something work, to make it go, because, if it were not so, you would not believe, you would not know.  There will be times when you are the only one, who will believe, who says they know.  And, in those times, I AM tapping you, whispering, “Child, make it so!”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Often the most challenging part of a project, or a mission, or a task, is convincing yourself that you are up to the job, that you can meet the challenge, and push forward, and complete the task, complete the mission, complete the challenge, successfully.  But always remember this, sometimes the key, that will unlock the mystery to the challenge, waiting around the bend, is found in a challenge that you think failed.  If you are working on a project, and the project does not reach your expectation, does not seem to come to fruition, but stumbles and stutters, midway, that does not mean you have failed in any way.  Look for the key.  Look for the lesson.  Look for the answer, held, in what you term failure, because it will be there.  What you learned from that task you think failed, will be the key that opens the door to success, in the next task, in the next mission, in the next challenge.