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March 4, 2020



      The power you hold to cleanse and repair is amazing.  But, to use this power effectively, one must be willing to focus on the goal, to not permit ego to enter into the situation.  And, once you are prepared to do this, then you see the power, as you use it.  Whenever you are injured, hurt in any way, by the words of another, instantly, immediately, forgive.  Wipe away the insult with a blessing.  Diminish anger with forgiveness.  And, do this at the moment, in the moment, in the present piece of eternity, when it occurs.  You will be surprised, and you will be astonished, at the power you have to instantly heal energy.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, you will not have to wait very long, the hours of the day need not be many, before you have the opportunity to see the power you have to correct and to heal energy.  It will take intention to do so, because your ego will tempt you to react, rather than to respond with the true power of God.  Bless, forgive, and do so instantly, for as these things of negative energy are hurled toward you, your shield, your defense, is forgiveness and love.  It alters the energy of the room about you, or the place where you stand; and, this power is there for you to use, if you will resist the temptation to react, and use it as an opportunity and a stage, to show the power of forgiveness, the power of a blessing, the power of God flowing within you.