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March 4, 2021



      Why are you afraid, of death, when I have promised you eternal life?  And this, eternal life, is already yours.  You do not have to do anything, to obtain eternal life.  You are living a portion of your eternal life, right now.  Once you believe this, in the core of your being, you will no longer fear death, but you will see it, as birth.  You will see it, as the doorway, leading to the next portion, of your eternal life.  If you seek, understanding, of this eternal truth, this wisdom of Heaven, you will gain it.  But do not seek, the answers, in the world around you.  Seek, understanding, of this mystery, of eternal life, within, sitting with My Holy Spirit.  That is where you are to begin.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is much talk of eternal life.  Many pronounce, they believe, in eternal life.  Some sing of the day, as if it were something so far away, and not with you, now.  Turn this whole thing around, and you will no longer fear, what is called, death, because death, is actually the resurrection, the freedom, of your spirit, that is you.  And when you place it far away, when you think it is something that will be later, then you deny the truth, that eternal life is with you, now.  Focus on what you can do, now, to glorify God, and the gift of eternal life.