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March 5, 2020



      I wish for you to open your eyes and see, with clarity, the value of you.  Do not be so quick to be harsh and condemning of you.  See the value.  Even when it is hidden, in the things you think, or say, or do, the great value is still there within you.  No matter how many missteps, or poorly chosen words might pour from your lips, the value is still there.  You stand like a noble dwelling, a home; and, if that home needs a bit of repair, do not release the wrecking-ball, as if it were not there, as if it were of no value.  Set about to remodel, and clean, and restore.  As an old house standing, needing repair, see yourself standing and know, repair is possible through prayer.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be kind to yourself.  Be understand and compassionate with yourself.  If the day has come when you overreached, spoke harsh words, performed unkind deeds, then stop.  You do not have to demolish yourself in a tirade of correction and judgment.  All you have to do is be still.  Recognize the missteps, the ill-chosen words, and set a course to change the thoughts, words, and deeds you entertain.  Set a course to remodel.  Set a plan for renovation.  Throw open the doors and welcome the light of the day.  Throw open your heart and welcome words of love.  Throw open your spirit and your soul, and let your true identity be revealed.  Today could be the day that your remodeling begins.  Let it be a joyful day, because when you are finished you will realize, recognize, and celebrate the value of you.


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