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March 5, 2021



      There will be times when you are given valuable gifts.  Other times, you might treat yourself to a gift, adding more value to your earthly possessions, monetarily speaking.  But these gifts, and possessions, can be taken from you, can be stripped from you.  You were sent to Earth, carrying treasure, within, and this treasure, is beyond value.  It is eternal treasure, and it cannot be taken from you.  It is yours.  No one can deny you the treasure you carry, within.  It cannot be stripped from you.  It cannot be stolen.  But, most often, you do not recognize the treasure, you carry within, as holding great value, or significance.  There is the temptation, to look upon material things, as having great value, because you can see them.  Know this, their value is nothing, compared to the value of the eternal treasure, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Each one of you carries valuable treasure, within.  Those, around you, cannot know your treasure, unless you use your gifts and talents.  If you have the talent to dance, dance.  If you have a unique voice, which holds a compelling tone and vibration, speak, use your voice as an instrument, a gift from God.  If you have a talent, to express yourself, in any way, it is of great value.  Do what comes naturally to you, for these are outward signs, of your physical talents, but do not neglect the spiritual Gifts, The Gifts of Spirit, held within, each of you.  Many of you carry The Gift of Charity.  Use it, so others too might see, and know, Charity.  Some of you might have The Gift, of Dreams, and Visions.  Use it, so others too might see, and know, and believe.  Still, others of you might have The Gift of Interpretation, understanding Dreams and Visions.  Use it, so others too might see, and know.  You might be the instrument of God’s Power, and Healing.  Do not hide this Gift, use it, so others too might see, and know, and believe.  The point is this, if you have brought these Gifts, these treasures, to Earth, do not hide them.  Use them so that others too might know The Glory of God, through you.