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March 6, 2019


God SpeaksThe journey of a lifetime  upon Earth  is not taken in one giant stride,
it is accomplished with many steps; the greatest adventure is not ac-
complished with one giant stride, it is taken with
many steps.  Each
you take,  every day,  is a piece of  your lifetime  upon Earth,
it is a piece of  the journey,  it is a piece of  the adventure.  The
courage to continue your journey,  your adventure,  is found
by taking one step at a time; and, as you advance, as you
move forward,  your  confidence  grows.   Do not hurry
the process,  be still,  and deliberate.  And The Holy
Spirit says:  When you are about to embark upon
a journey, when you are prepared to take-up
a mission, you ask for guidance, in many
ways.  Let the first guidance you seek,
be guidance from the hand of God.
In that way, you will be moved
and find little resistance.
The hand of God will
lead you over
through valleys,
show you The Way to ford the rivers.
You will not be lost.  Be at peace with your life-
time upon Earth.  You will find peace in knowing
that this,  your lifetime upon Earth,  is a sacred piece
of your eternal life!  Therefore, be eager to set-out upon
the adventure.   Be courageous!   And accept, the mission!
Be filled with light as you make your way through every day.