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March 6, 2020



      Sometimes, it can be tempting to look around and see what others are doing, to support what others are doing, to praise what others are doing, and in the meantime forget to do what you are supposed to be doing.  Sometimes, you will be called to support what others are doing, this is true; but always, you are called to do what you are meant to do.  Do not believe that all those around you have lofty goals, and noble missions, and yours is rather plain and simple, without flourish or embellishment.  You, My child, are the only “you” that will ever be.  And, as unique as you are, so too is your mission.  Today, I will whisper.  Listen, so you might hear, and you will know when to rise-up, when to go, when to speak, when to listen, when to bless, when to love, when to hold compassion upon your heart, when to show understanding for others.  You will know what you are to do, if you will be still and listen, today.  Yes, sing the praise of others, encourage others, but do not deny yourself the mission that is yours.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Part of being connected to The Whole, to The One, is pulling your own weight, lifting when you are to lift, walking when you are to walk, singing when you are to sing.  This is done in support of others.  But, there is something important to remember.  When you are working as a team, when you are working as a piece of The Eternal One, you must lift your piece, pull your weight, so that it all works together as One.  Therefore, do not stand still applauding another’s will.  Take part, participate, complete your mission, and in this way, you are helping others, you are assisting others, for they do not have to pull your weight, they do not have to lift you up.  Participate.