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March 6, 2022


      “I AM with you.  Yes, it is true.  It is not you, making up the truth, that I AM with you.  I AM living the truth, and so are you.  I AM with you.  And there is a reason why, we can reach, through the veil, into the valley of Earth, where you dwell, and be with you, and guide you, as you walk along The Way.                                                  


      “Today, I would like to share with you, a lesson, which you will learn, and use, for the rest of your lifetime, upon Earth.  And as you use it, the more you use it, the more you practice, and use it, it will become second nature to you.  And using this tool, that, which I AM about to tell you, will eliminate, all obstacles, which fall before you.

      “Each of you will face challenges, obstacles that seem like mountains, placed, before you, conflict which seems, as vast bodies of water, before you.  However challenge comes to you, no matter what you call it, these challenges, come to you, to help you remember, how to rise above it.  Once you have perfected, this rising up, then you will remember, you will recall, and with each obstacle, you will not fall before it, in desperation.  You will transcend it, with inspiration.

      “When you meet a conflict, something so powerful it seems like a stone wall.  Do not beat your fists, upon the wall.  Do not begin to pick at it, and chip at it, hoping it will fall, by the force, of your body.  Do not kick at it.  Challenge is not meant to be met by the body.  It is meant to be resolved, within your spirit.  When the challenge comes, do not kick, and cry, and call-out.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Call on Me.  Say the name of God.  Knock on the door of The Holy Spirit, dwelling, within you.  Use all, that is, within you, and ask for guidance; and then be still, again, and listen.  This, is why, The Holy Spirit dwells, within you, so that you have ease of contact, with The Wisdom of God.  But, most times, when in human form, access, to this treasure, is not used.  But practice, with the smallest challenge, to the grandest challenge.  Sit, and be still, and ask, ‘What should I do?’.  Ask, and wait, and listen.  The words will come to you.  They might come to you in a feeling, in a knowing, with a scent, many ways, they can come; but they will come, these words of inspiration, guiding you, in your desperation, to know what to do.  They will also come with wisdom, compassion, and understanding, and set before you, the reason, for the challenge, the reason, for the wall, or the range of mountains, so tall.  And once you know, why they are there, you will begin to understand, why you are there.  And held, within The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God, you will rise-up, and watch that, which you thought would stop you, crumble, and fall, below you.  And you will rise.  And you will transcend the issue, and continue your life, upon Earth, blessed, knowing The Ways of God.

      “This I promise you.  If you will face each challenge with what I just said to you, held upon your heart, with intention, you will hear, you will know, and you will grow, in inspiration.  And you will, then, begin to see, all that you are meant to see, while transcending, each wall, each mountain, each issue, each conflict.  Nothing will stop you, because you will be riding, upon The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God.”