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March 7, 2020



      I know each time you want to sit down and cry.  I know each time you wish to rest, because you are so tired.  I know each time you would like to hide so others cannot see you.  I also know the times you wish to dance.  I know the times you feel moved to help others.  I know the times that you extend yourself, beyond all reasonable doubts, and hold onto faith.  And, in these times, when you are tempted to doubt, I see your faith grow.  I know all these things, My child, because we are connected.  We are closer than your family members, than your friends, than your spouses, your partners, your co-workers.  We are closer than all of this.  We speak without speaking.  We know without saying anything.  I love you beyond everything.  I see your challenges, your trials.  I see your victories.  I see you rise-up.  I know you.  I see you.  I love you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can search over the entire Earth, and try as you may, you will not find another person who will love you as completely as does God.  You will never find a person who will know you as does God.  Think on this, pray on this, reflect on this, today.  God sees you, and knows you, and loves you.