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March 7, 2021



      Be who you were created to be, for I created each of you: to serve a divine purpose, as you walk upon the Earth; to be an emissary of The Kingdom of Heaven, as you walk upon the Earth; to do that, which you were meant to do, in a unique way, suited perfectly for you.  There are no accidents amongst you.  You are upon the Earth, with specific talents and gifts, to do, that which you are meant to do.  And that, which you are meant to do, is what you desire to do, to complete the picture of all eternity, surrounding you.  Not one other person can do what you are meant to do, in the way you are meant to do it.  It is right to appreciate, and acknowledge, the talents and gifts of others.  But do not do so while forgetting yourself, while thinking little of yourself, your talents, and your gifts.  Applaud the gifts of others, the talents of others.  But recognize your gifts, too, as they have great value, and you do too.  Each of you, in My eyes, you shine.  I love you.  I AM yours, and you are Mine.  I will not fail you.  Go into the world, and do, that which you are meant to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, it is easier to look around, and see what others are doing, and follow, or join that crowd.  But the most extraordinary thing to do, is to sit quietly, at the beginning of each day, and ask God, what it is you are to do, that day.  Ask, and I will lead you, from within.  That is why I was sent to each of you, to reside within you.  And so, it is said, others do not see Me.  They cannot see Me.  I AM within you.  But I AM within each of you, and the guidance is specific, for each of you, so you will know exactly what to do, at every step along The Way.  Before you begin this day pause, ask, pray, and you will know The Way.